City Bank DPS Scheme

City Bank DPS

City Bank DPS is an attractive savings scheme that can secure your future. Through DPS, the customer deposits a fixed amount of money in City Bank on a monthly basis and gets the money back with profit at the end of the specified period. Any adult Bangladeshi citizen above 18 years of age can open a DPS account with Legal Guardian City Bank on behalf of minors. City Bank provides DPS facility for the customer from 6 months to 120 months or 10 years.

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City Bank DPS

Features of City Bank DPS

  • Customers can open DPS account at any branch of City Bank.
  • City Bank is offering timely profit rate on DPS which is highest compared to other banks.
  • City Bank provides up to 90% loan facility against the amount deposited in DPS.
  • Before maturity, the customer will get the facility of withdrawing money from City Bank DPS subject to certain conditions.
  • The customer can pay the installments of City Bank DPS on any date of the month according to his convenience.
  • Customers can avail internet banking and mobile banking through City Touch App of City Bank.

City Bank DPS interest rate

  • 6 months to 12 months DPS profit rate is 6.50%
  • 13 months to 24 months Citibank DPS offers profit of 7%
  • Profit rate is 7.50% on DPS for 25 to 36 months.
  • From 37 to 120, City Bank offers 8% profit on DPS to customers.

Please note that to open a DPS account in City Bank, the customer must have a current account or savings account in City Bank.

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Documents required to open City Bank DPS account

  1. Photocopy of account holder's NID card or passport, or birth registration.
  2. Two copies of passport size photographs of the account holder must be attested by his introducer.
  3. Photocopy of Nominee's NID, or Passport or Birth Registration.
  4. 1 photo copy of the nominee must be attested by the account holder.
  5. Customer's E-TIN Certificate (if any).
  6. Customer will get 10% tax deduction if he has e-tin certificate. If the customer does not have an e-TIN certificate, the tax deduction will be 15%.
  7. Customer must have a savings account with City Bank.

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