Eastern Bank Fixed Deposit Rate

EBL fixed deposit rate

Fixed deposit is an investment option offered by banks that offers you a higher rate of interest than a regular savings account. By investing in an FD you can comfortably achieve your financial goals due to the higher returns it offers.

Eastern Bank FDR

Eastern Bank FDR Features 

  • Eastern Bank FDR account can be opened at any branch or sub-branch of Eastern Bank.
  • One of the benefits of Eastern Bank FDR is automatic activation. That is, if the FDR expires but the customer does not withdraw the money, the FDR is automatically reactivated.
  • One of the features of Eastern Bank FDR is 90% SOD loan facility on FDR deposits.
  • Facility of withdrawal before maturity. In other words, the customer can withdraw the FDR money before the expiry date as per his requirement. But in this case, remember that there will be changes in the profit rate.

Eastern Bank FDR interest rate

  • Eastern Bank offers 2% profit on 1 month FDR
  • 3 months FDR offers profit of 6.35%
  • Eastern Bank offers 6.50% profit on 6 month FDR
  • 1 year FDR pays profit of 7%
  • Eastern Bank currently has Individual FDR closed. But at any time it will turn on.

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Documents are required to open Eastern Bank FDR account

  • Photocopy of account holder's NID card or passport, or birth registration or driving license.
  • Two recent passport size photographs of the account holder. Photo of account holder must be attested by introducer or introducer.
  • Photocopy of Nominee's NID, or Passport or Birth Registration or Driving License.
  • 1 recent photograph of the nominee which must be attested by the account holder.
  • Tin Certificate (if any).
  • 10% tax deduction for customer if tin certificate is available. If there is no tin certificate, the customer will get tax deduction of 15%.
  •  Please note that the customer must have a savings account with Eastern Bank.

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