Rupali Bank DPS Scheme

Rupali Bank DPS 

In Rupali Bank DPS Scheme, the customer has to deposit a fixed amount of money every month for 3, 5 or 8 years. At the end of 3, 5 or 8 years, the customer will get a fixed amount of money back with profit.

Who can open a DPS account in Rupali Bank:

Any adult Bangladeshi citizen of 18 years can open Rupali Bank DPS account.
Even in the name of a minor, his legal guardian can open a DPS account in Rupali Bank.

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Rupali Bank DPS Scheme

Features of Rupali Bank DPS

  • Customers can open a monthly savings scheme or DPS account at any branch of Rupali Bank.
  • Rupali Bank offers timely interest rate on DPS or savings scheme.
  • Rupali Bank provides SOD loan facility up to 80% on the amount deposited in DPS. In other words, the customer can take a loan against the money deposited in DPS if he wants during the crisis. The tenure of this loan is 1 year and the customer can also repay this loan through EMI method. The profit rate of this loan will be 3% more than the amount of profit the customer is getting.
  • Rupali Bank's DPS provides the customer with the facility of withdrawing money before maturity. In other words, if the customer wants to withdraw the money deposited in the DPS during the emergency period, in that case the profit will be changed.
  • You can deposit installment money on any working day of the month at Rupali Bank's DPS.

Rupali Bank DPS interest rate

  • Rupali Bank offers 5.25% profit on 3 year DPS.
  • Rupali Bank Pays 5.50% Profit for 5 Years DPS.
  • Rupali Bank offers 6% profit on 8-year DPS.

Rupali Bank DPS installment

No check book or ATM card will be given to this DPS holder or account holder. It will be linked to an account. Installments will be credited after depositing the account amount. Installments must be deposited between 1st and 30/31. Month's advance can be deposited. Please note that if you break the DPS before 1 year you will not get any profit.

Documents are required to open Rupali Bank DPS account

  • Photocopy of account holder's NID card or passport, or birth registration or driving license.
  • Two recent passport size photographs of the account holder duly attested by the introducer or introducer. The introducer must have an account with Rupali Bank.
  • Photocopy of nominee's NID, or passport or birth registration or driving license to be attested by the account holder.
  • 1 copy of recent passport size photograph of the nominee which must be attested by the account holder.
  • Teen certificate of account holder if any. If you have tin certificate your tax deduction will be 10%. And if you don't have tin certificate your tax deduction will be 15%.
  • Customer must have a savings account in Rupali Bank.
  • If the nominated nominee of the customer is a minor, then all the documents of the legal guardian must be submitted to the bank.

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