Rupali Bank Personal Loan System

Rupali Bank Personal Loan

A personal loan is a loan taken from a bank or financial institution through a check or credit card for an urgent need or for any work. Personal loans help you meet your current financial needs. No security or collateral is usually required while taking a personal loan.

Who is Eligible for Rupali Bank Personal Loan

Only the officers and employees of the government, semi-government, autonomous and private organizations who have salary accounts in Rupali Bank can take personal loans from Rupali Bank under this policy.

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Rupali Bank Personal Loan

Features of Rupali Bank Personal Loan

  • If you want, you can withdraw personal loan of Rupali Bank starting from one lakh to 15 lakh taka.
  • You have to repay this loan in EMI mode within a maximum period of seven years.
  • EMI method means you can repay part or the entire loan at once.
  • There are no hidden charges in this loan.
  • You can repay this loan in full or in part at any time if you wish.
  • Rupali Bank personal loan interest rate is 9% which is variable.

How much money to pay in installments

  • If you pay 10 lakh taka over a period of five years, you will have to pay 21,000 taka in monthly installments.
  • If you pay 5 lakh taka for a period of five years, you will have to pay monthly installments of 10,500 taka.
  • If you pay 10 lakh taka for seven years, you will have to pay monthly installments of 16500 taka.
  • If you pay 5 lakh taka for seven years, you will have to pay 8250 taka monthly.

Customer Guarantee
  • Customer personal guarantee.
  • Personal guarantee from any other officer or employee of the organization in which the customer is employed and an acceptable family member.
  • A check signed for the loan amount.
  • No Objection Letter issued by the Education Officer in respect of granting loans to teachers or core staff in schools.
  • In case of other institutions, no objection letter from the head or controlling authority of the institution

Documents are required for Rupali Bank Personal Loan

  1. Applicant and one guarantor of his colleague and family should submit two recent copies of passport size color photographs.
  2. Applicants and guarantors must provide photocopy of National Voter ID Card or Passport or Driving License.
  3. Photocopy of utility bill like electricity or gas bill should be provided for proof of address.
  4. Applicant and guarantor must submit photocopy of office ID card.
  5. E-TIN Certificate if any should be provided
  6. Last six months bank statement of salary account should be provided
  7. All loan statements, if any, must provide the latest minimum twelve month statement. That is, if you have any other loan, you have to provide the last twelve months information statement
  8. Credit card statement for last six months if available.
  9. That is, if you have a credit card, then you have to provide the last six months of bank statements
  10. Salary certificate of the organization where you work should be provided
To take personal loan of Rupali Bank you must contact any branch of Rupali Bank near you.

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