City Bank Personal Loan

City Bank Personal Loan

Whatever the occasion or need, you can choose a smart financial loan with Citibank Personal Loans to fulfill all your dreams, reach new heights and make your daily life journey more enjoyable. City Bank provides personal loans from a minimum of 1 lakh taka to 20 lakh taka.

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City Bank Personal Loan

Who can apply for Citi bank personal loan 

  1. Salary Person
  2. Professionals such as doctors, engineers.
  3. Businessman or businessman
  4. Landlord or house owner
Citibank provides personal loans to people belonging to these four stages.

City Bank personal loan interest rate

Citibank personal loan interest rate is 9%
Interest rate of takeover personal loan from another bank is 9%
Citibank personal loan processing fee is 0.5%

City Bank Personal Loan Installment Amount

  • On 1 lakh taka at 9% interest rate, your monthly installments in 1 year will be 8,745 taka.
  • On 3 lakh taka at 9% interest rate for 2 years your monthly installment will be 13,705 taka.
  • 5 lakh taka at 9% interest rate for a period of 3 years, your monthly installment will be 15,900 taka.
  • 10 lakhs taka at 9% interest rate for a period of 5 years you will have to pay monthly installments of 20,758 taka.
  • 20 lakhs taka at 9% interest rate for a period of 5 years you will have to pay monthly installments of 41,517 taka.

City Bank Personal Loan Eligibility

  • The age limit of the borrower must be between 18 years to 60 years.
  • The nationality of the borrower must be Bangladeshi.
  • The monthly income of a salaried person should be 20 thousand taka. In case of private job it must be 30 thousand.
  • In case of house owner, monthly income should be 30 thousand taka.
  • In case of professional or business person, monthly income should be 50000 rupees
  • In case of salaried person should have one year working experience. No experience is necessary as a homeowner. In the case of professionals or professional persons, two years of practical experience in the said profession should be required. Must have three years of business experience in case of businessman or businessman.

Documents required for city bank personal loan

Common Documents of Personal Loan

  • Photocopy of NID of the borrower.
  • Three recent passport size photographs.
  • Visiting Card or Office ID
  • Copy of Litigation Bill.
  • Two copies of guarantor's photo.
  • Photocopy of NID of guarantor.

Documents for salaried person

  • Salary Certificate or Pay Slip.
  • And 6 months bank statement.
  • In case of house owner or landlord:
  • Latest six months bank statement.
  • Documents of ownership.
  • Rental agreement.

Documents for professional persons

  • Copy of professional certificate.
  • Declaration of own income on letterhead.
  • And last 6 months bank statement.

Documents for businessman 

  • Copy of last 3 years business trade license.
  • Latest 1 year bank statement.
  • Partnership Deed (if partnership company).
  • MOA copy (if limited company).

City Bank personal loan, partial or full early settlement can be done after six months of disbursement of the loan.
In this case the early settlement fee is 0.5%
This loan can be applied for jointly with family members. In this case, your loan amount may be higher.
There are no hidden charges in this loan.

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