NRBC Bank Personal Loan System

NRBC Bank Personal Loan

Do you want to get a bank loan? If you are a government or private salaried employee, NRBC Bank Personal Loan is suitable for you.

NRBC Bank provides personal loans to meet the financial needs of salaried individuals not exceeding 55 years of age, self-employed or business persons. NRBC Bank provides personal loans to salaried government or private officers and employees. NRBC Bank offers Personal Loans ranging from 50000 taka to 10 lakh taka. You can repay this loan over a period of 12 to 72 months. NRBC Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate 9%.

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NRBC Bank Personal Loan

Personal loan processing fee

NRBC Bank charges 1% processing fee on any loan amount.

That is, if you take a personal loan of one lakh taka from NRBC Bank, then the 1% processing fee that comes to one lakh taka will be deducted by NRBC Bank as processing fee.

NRBC Bank Personal Loan Requirements

  • If you want to take a personal loan from NRBC Bank, your age must be between 21 and 60 years.
  • You must be a salaried government permanent officer or employee.
  • In the case of government jobs, at least two years is required for permanentisation. That is, in the case of government employees, the minimum service period should be two years.
  • Salaried private permanent officers or employees but the age limit of service shall be two years. That is, the service age of private employees must be at least two years and must be permanent officers or employees.
  • To get NRBC Bank personal loan, government employees must have a gross salary of at least 18000.
  • In case of private or private employees, the gross salary should be 25 thousand taka. Then NRBC Bank will provide you personal loan.

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Documents are required to take NRBC Bank personal loan 

  1. NRBC Bank Personal Loan requires two guarantors. (A guarantor is a family member, The second person will be a colleague.)
  2. Job appointment letter
  3. Salary Certificate
  4. Bank statement of at least one year. That is, the bank account in which your salary is deposited every month will require a statement of one year.
  5. Two recent attested passport size photographs of the borrower.
  6. 2 copies of passport size photograph of each guarantor.
  7. Photocopy of NID or passport of borrower and each guarantor.

If you are a government or private permanent salaried officer or employee, then you can easily take a personal loan from NRBC Bank by providing the mentioned documents or papers.

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