Bank Asia personal loan system

Bank Asia personal loan

Bank Asia offers UPL or Unsecured Personal Loan as a term loan facility to meet the personal needs of employees. You can know the details of Bank Asia Personal Loan from this video.

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Bank Asia personal loan system

How to open an account

You can now apply for this loan anytime from your home or office at Bank Asia by visiting Bank Asia representatives.

Who can avail Bank Asia Personal Loan

Any Bangladeshi person who has the means and ability to repay the bank loan. In specific terms these can be – multinationals and medium to large-sized local corporates, educational institutions, government officials, reputed NGOs, international aid agencies and officials working in UN agencies – who have a reliable source of income.

Bank Asia personal loan against salary

  • Asia Bank offers unsecured personal loans from 1 lakh to 20 lakh taka.
  • The maximum tenure of Asia Bank personal loan is five years.
  • Asia Bank personal loan interest rates range from 8.50% to a maximum of 9%.
  • Takeover interest rate from other banks is 9%
  • Asia Bank's personal loan processing fee is 0.50%.
  • Failure to deposit installments on time Bank Penalty Interest 2% per month on excess amount
  • Borrower's monthly income should be at least 15000 taka.
  • Only spouses are allowed as joint applicants. In other words, only husband or wife can apply jointly for personal loan in Bank Asia.
  • Age of Asia Bank Personal Loan applicant must be between twenty three years to sixty five years.

Bank Asia personal loan interest rate

  1. At 9% interest on 1 lakh taka, your monthly installments for one year will be 8745 taka.
  2. 3 lakhs taka at 9% interest, your monthly installments for two years will be 13705 taka.
  3. 5 lakhs taka at 9% interest, your monthly installments for three years will be 15900 taka.
  4. 20 lakhs taka at 9% interest, you will have to pay monthly installments of 41517 taka over a period of five years.

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Documents required for Bank Asia personal loan

  • Photocopy of NID card of the borrower
  • Three recent passport size photographs
  • Visiting Card or Office ID
  • E-tin copy
  • Copy of utility bill
  • Two copies of guarantor's photo
  • Photocopy of NID card of guarantor

In case of salaried persons

Salary certificate or pay slip and last six months bank statement.

Bank Asia personal loan requires two guarantors. A personal guarantor should be a spouse, parent or close relative and any person acceptable to the bank. Applicants for Bank Asia Personal Loan must provide photocopy of appointment and joining letter, if applicable.

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