Uttara Bank Fixed Deposit Scheme

Uttara Bank FDR

Uttara Bank Fixed Deposit or FDR refers to keeping the customer's money fixed or permanently in the bank for a specified period. Uttara Bank offers attractive profit on FDR. Customer gets return of capital with attractive profit on completion of fixed term.

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Uttara Bank Fixed Deposit Scheme

Features of Uttara Bank FDR

  • FDR account can be opened at any branch of Uttara Bank.
  • Customer will get facility of opening single and joint account.
  • A person can open more than one FDR account if he wants.
  • One of the features of Uttara Bank's FDR is the SOD loan facility. That means the customer will get SOD loan facility up to 90% against the amount deposited in FDR.
  • Facility of encashment before maturity. In other words, the customer will get the facility of withdrawing money even before the expiry date in case of urgent need.

Uttara Bank FDR interest rate

  • Uttara Bank offers 5.50% interest on FDRs up to Tk 5 crore for three months.
  • Uttara Bank offers 5.60% profit up to Tk 5 crore on FDR for six months.
  • One year or more but up to five years on FDR up to Tk 5 crore Uttara Bank offers 6% profit
  • Uttara Bank is currently providing attractive profits.

How much profit pay Uttara Bank on 1 lakh taka FDR

  • Uttara Bank pays the customer Rs 6,000 before tax deduction in one year at 6% profit on Rs 1 lakh.
  • Customers will get 500 taka monthly before tax deduction from Uttara Bank for one lakh taka.
  • If customer has tin certificate then after 10% tax deduction customer will get monthly net profit of Rs.450 on Rs.1 lakh.
  • After 15% tax deduction customer will get net monthly profit of Tk 425 without tin certificate.

Documents are required to open Uttara Bank FDR account

  • Photocopy of account holder's NID or valid passport or birth registration.
  • Documents for proof of address, eg photocopy of electricity bill or water bill or gas bill.
  • Two recent passport size photographs of the account holder.
  •  Photocopy of NID or valid passport or birth registration of nominated nominee.
  • One copy of recent passport size photograph of nominated nominee.
  • E-TIN Certificate if any.
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