Mutual Trust Bank Millionaire Deposit Scheme

Mutual Trust Bank Millionaire Scheme

Mutual Trust Bank Millionaire Deposit Scheme is a monthly installment based deposit scheme. The scheme offers a minimum of 10,00,000 taka on maturity with flexible installment amount and tenure. This scheme has a very attractive high interest rate.

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Mutual Trust Bank Millionaire Scheme

Features of Mutual Trust Bank's Millionaire Scheme

  • Customers can open an account at any branch of Mutual Trust Bank if they want.
  • Single and joint account opening facility.
  • A person can open multiple millionaire accounts.
  • One of the attractive benefits of Mutual Trust Bank's Millionaire Scheme is the SOD loan facility. That is, against the money deposited in the Millionaire scheme, the customer can take SOD load if he wants during the emergency.
  • Encashment facility before the maturity. That means the customer will get the facility of withdrawing money even before the maturity in case of urgent need.

Mutual Trust Bank Millionaire Deposit Scheme Money deposit amount 

The monthly installment amount of Mutual Trust Bank Million Scheme is 18,360, 11,399, 7943, 5890, 4532, 3197 and 1960 taka. The installments are to be paid by 20th of every month.

How much installments have to be paid in Mutual Trust Bank Millionaire Scheme.

  • 10,00,000 taka before tax for a period of 20 years with a monthly deposit of just 1960 taka.
  • 10,00,000 taka for 15 years with just 3197 taka taka monthly deposits.
  • 10,00,000 taka for a period of 12 years with just 4532 taka monthly deposits.
  • 10,00,000 taka for 10 years with just 5890 taka deposits per month.
  • 10,00,000 taka at the end of eight years with just 7943 taka monthly deposits.
  • 11,399 per month on deposits for a period of six years will get the customer 10,00,000 taka before tax deduction.
  • 10,00,000 taka for a period of four years with just 18,360 taka monthly deposits

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Documents required for Trust Bank Millionaire Scheme

  • Photocopy of Account Holder's NID Valid Passport or Birth Registration.
  • Documents for address proof like electricity bill water bill gas bill etc.
  • 2 copies of recent photograph of account holder.
  • Photocopy of NID Passport or Birth Registration of nominated nominee.
  • One copy of recent photograph of nominated nominee.
  • E-Tin Certificate if any.

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